September 27,2008 Litter

On September 27, 2008 Soolyn Shih Tzu had our first litter of puppies.  Abby is now the proud mom of 4 boys and 1 girl, Raymond, Rocky, Rosie, Randy and Simon.  Sadly Rocky was not strong enough to survive.  As of October 10th everyone else is doing great.  All of the puppies have more than doubled their weight of around 5 oz. when born and are now a little over a pound each.


Here is a picture of all 5 of the puppies less than a day old.


This is a picture of the puppies on October 17th.

From Left to Right :

Raymond, Rosie, Randy and Simon.


These pictures were taken when the puppies were 5 weeks old.

From Left to Right - Ray, Rosie, Simon, and Randy





Randy (above)

       Raymond (above)


Rosie (above)


                Simon (above)



   Merry Christmas









To see what Raymond and Simon look like now click HERE